How to set up an e-waste recycling business

Are you thinking of starting your own enviro-preneurial venture? And do you need an environment centric business idea? Here is how you can set up your e-waste recycling business for the circular economy. 3 facts about e-waste recycling business e-Waste is one of the fastest-growing scrap streams.  It is one of the richest sources of … Read more

7 high-profit areas in Urban Mining

Urban mining, circular economy, green economy, recycling, 3Rs, and many such words are becoming quite fashionable.  There is a lot of mystery, awe and misconceptions around these ideas. Perhaps that is why it sounds so romantic.  But waste management is a serious business. In this article, I intend to rip off the fashionable shroud of … Read more

Enviro-centric business modelling: a way to prosperity

While travelling recently in remote and tribal areas of India, I had the first-hand experience of some of my theoretical ideas on green business. I had formulated them during the heated debates and brainstorming sessions in the AC classrooms of IIM Bangalore. We had discussed, economically advanced countries can invest in environmental amelioration measures – … Read more